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You're not alone: actually, there's a whole team ready to answer your questions or hear your feedback every weekday during business hours! Salespad is very easy to use, but it gets even more interesting when we start collaborating on a version that fits you and your sector. Give us a call!


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No time to set up your Salespad app? No problemo: we regularly offer the possibility to our clients to train their teams or give them a hand with that part of the job.


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Every sector is different, that's why we give you the opportunity to customize your app and end up with a tool that meets your expectations. It's an innovative way of showing your clients that you're at the cutting edge. Salespad works behind the scenes to bring all eyes on you.

& Security

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Security and backups are essential to you, and so are they to us. That's why we work with the best hosting service Cloud2be and encrypt all the data. Because your data is gold, we treat it like a bank does with your money.


Behind every great success, there's a methodology:

  1. Create users or user groups

  2. Your users receive the downloading procedure by e-mail

  3. Set up your contact lists

  4. Import your presentations

  5. Set up your post-call questionnaires

  6. Train your sales force

  7. Analyze your performances and your stats

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